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Be a Reliable Blogger: Improve Your Communication with Customers

To be a reliable blogger, you need to have good communication with your customers. It means that you should take the time to listen first and then ask questions before linking them to what they care about. It also means keeping it simple and focused when writing blog posts for your audience. The article will discuss how you can improve your communications as a blogger to build trusting relationships with your readers!

Listen First 

The first rule of good communication is to listen. It would help if you took the time to understand what your customers want before anything else. You can use various techniques for this, such as asking them questions or just listening carefully to their responses when they leave comments on your blog posts. 

You might be thinking, “But I never know what my audience wants!”. That’s ok! The best way around this is by using tools like Google Analytics and surveys to track feedback from readers so you can have more data about what people are searching for and talking about within your industry. Once you start getting an idea of who visits your site and why it will become easier over time to talk about what people are interested in.

Don’t Assume You Know What Your Audience Cares About

Ask questions to determine their interests and needs in the industry. Ask them how they use different products or services. What are some of their challenges? How do they handle those challenges? Do they have any ideas for solving problems that others might face, too?

Hearing what your readers care about can help you tailor content and provide more value. People like to know that the company hears them, so make sure feedback is well-considered before responding or deciding not to reply at all.  You might also want to ask them questions for them to feel involved in a dialogue.

Make Phone Calls

Another way to establish a connection with your readers is using phone calls. If you have any questions about what they want, then it’s best to call them up so that you can ask in person and get an answer right away! You also need to try and answer your audience calls to ensure you maintain rapport. You can use Virtual HQ to maintain your 24/7 availability. It also lets you gauge how interested they are in your business by hearing their tone of voice when they answer the call.

There are some benefits associated with this approach over other methods such as email or social media messages. For example, when someone picks up the phone, there is more dialogue because the customer doesn’t feel like their response will be “lost” behind a computer screen of text messages. Phone conversations also allow people to tell stories in different ways: maybe they don’t always know how to explain things on paper but might do better explaining verbally? 

Ask Questions

Draw the customer out and get a feel for what is going on with them. But also be mindful not to overstep boundaries or take up too much of their time. It might seem awkward at first, especially if you ask questions about personal problems they may not want to share with strangers. So instead, ask general things like “how are you feeling?” or “what’s been going on lately?”. It will help them feel comfortable opening more. 

Link to What Your Audience Cares About

Your blog post should be all about what your audience cares about. What things do they worry over? How can you help them with this one topic or issue that is on their mind today?

If people are reading blogs, they want to learn something new and keep up to date on the latest trends. In addition, they want to know more about a topic they’re interested in, and you can provide that information.

Keep It Simple and Focused

People are busy. They’re constantly balancing work and family life, so they don’t have time to read a long blog post that doesn’t get right to the point. So keep your content short and sweet: give them what they need, but not too much detail or information. That way, you won’t overwhelm them with unnecessary fluff like numbers and bullet points when all they wanted was one piece of advice for fixing their problem.


In conclusion, as a reliable blogger, you must be committed to listening first. You should ask your customers questions and link them to what they care about the most. Please keep it simple by making clear points focused on one subject at a time as best practice for content marketing!

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