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Hosting Date Night at Home

If you’re in the dating pool, chances are you’re thinking of some good date ideas to get to know the person you’re interested in. Of course, there are endless potential dates to choose from. You could go out for dinner. You could get a cup of coffee. You could go for a long walk. You could go to the cinema, bowling or similar activity. But an increasingly popular date destination is the comfort of our own homes.

Dating at home can add a personal and intimate touch to your date, welcoming someone into your personal space without worrying about the chatter of strangers around you. Of course, this could prove to be a great option. So, if you’re considering hosting a date at home, here’s some information that could help with your venture!

Safety First

First things first, let’s discuss safety. Hosting a date at your own home is generally best for a little later in the dating journey with someone, once you feel you know them, are comfortable with them and feel safe with them. It’s not a good idea to give a stranger personal information regarding your address and to invite them into a space that could be pretty vulnerable, as there aren’t others around. Always put your safety first in any dating situation.

Cooking a Meal

Many people like to cook their date a meal as part of date night. This great experience can allow you to show off your cooking skills and provide your date with something to really look forward to. Of course, before getting started, check whether your date has any dietary requirements or preferences.

You may need to adapt your menu plan or consider alternative ingredients, such as browsing a list of the best gluten free sour cream brands. You should also consider what drinks you will pair with the food. Wine tends to be popular, but make sure that you have alcohol-free options to choose from too.

Ordering Take Out

Of course, not all of us have the skills, time, or energy to create a meal from scratch. If you want something a little easier that’s guaranteed to taste great; you might consider ordering take-out instead. This can be fun, as you get to explore different menus together, get to know one another’s preferences, and you can either collect for a stroll out and about or get it delivered to the door if you want a more comfortable, lazy night in.

Watching a Film

By now, we’re all familiar with the concept of Netflix and chill, but watching a film doesn’t always have to lead to something more. Instead, you could share some firm favorites or watch something neither of you has seen. This is a great and relaxed way to spend quality time together without excessive pressure on the conversation. You can get a feel for one another’s presence instead. Pick up some popcorn and fizzy drinks, and it’ll feel like a cinema experience on a more casual level.

Chatting Over Drinks

Why not get to know one another a little better? Date night at home could provide a comfortable environment to chat and enjoy drinks together. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic beverage. It could be something as simple as a hot drink. Chatting over drinks can give a relaxed feel and help you to get to know the other person better, determining whether you could be compatible or not.

It’s an excellent opportunity to share belief systems, values, things you enjoy, memories, and more. If you have a garden, you could use your garden too. Make a cozy atmosphere and enjoy some fresh air!


There are plenty of games that help you to get to know a person better. They tend to include flashcards with different topics of conversation to follow. This can encourage you to open up about things you might not have shared otherwise and share some fun and interesting facts about yourself! Of course, don’t feel pushed to share anything that you don’t want to – these cards simply serve as suggestions or a little inspiration.

As you can see, home is an excellent destination for date night once you’ve gotten to know a person better and are looking for a more private, comfortable, and intimate space to continue this journey. Hopefully, some of the advice above should help you to create the perfect home date night!

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