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Plus Size Tops Styling Tips and Tricks

As a plus-size woman, I know how hard it can be to find clothing that fits you. It’s also hard once you find these clothes to create an amazing style. It’s gotten better over the years, but we still need a little help now and then.

All women and all bodies are beautiful. Many women are learning to accept and love the bodies they have and have gathered some fantastic tips and tricks that let that beauty shine through. We are more inclined to find amazing-looking clothes as well as clothing that fits.

Women in orange shirt

Find the right plus-size tops!

Not all of them are created equal of course. Some of the bigger retailers and huge brands often simply add some extra fabric and call it a day. As a plus-size fashionista, you want and deserve more than that! When it comes to luxury fashion at affordable prices, the boutique is where it is at.

And when it comes to plus size tops, boutiques and small businesses often have the hottest on-trend styles to help you create unique looks that are perfect for you.

So once you find your dream plus size tops at your new favorite boutique, what’s next to elevate your look? We’ll dive into these plus size top styling tips and tricks to have you turning heads and having everyone begging for where and how you got the look!

Know (and Love) Your Curvy Body Type.

The first and best step to a stunning look is knowing your body type. You don’t have to, of course, you can wear whatever you like—but if you’re interested in accentuating, flattering, and layering that complements you best, knowing your body shape is the best first step. Some common body shapes to start with:

  • Mango. The mango body shape is all about the hips and thighs. If your body features these two prominently, you’re a delightful mango.
  • Spoon. You have beautiful wide hips yet a defined, prominent waist.
  • Pear. Your waist and bust are close to the same measurements, but your hips are much larger than either.
  • Hourglass. Your hips and bust measure nearly the same yet your waist is much smaller.
  • Strawberry. Your bust measurement is much larger than your waist or hips.

Once you know what your general body type and shape are, if you choose to, you can begin to pick and pair the perfect top to flatter your body.

Tuck in That Shirt

This is a tip for the shorter ladies. If you’re short, almost every shirt may seem to be or look too long. When you’re short and curvy? An untucked shirt may give the effect of looking larger around the middle than you are. The easiest fix for this is to tuck in your plus size tops. Your shirt should reach but never cover your zipper.

If you’re a woman that loves cuffed jeans, tucking in your shirt is an especially important tip, because cuffing does tend to cut the length of the leg off. So, tucking in your shirt with your cuffed jeans will help section your body naturally. Also, the tucked-in shirt and cuffed jeans are perfect for that baggy-borrowed-boyfriend jean look.

Add the Belt

Just because your plus size tops don’t come with a faux belt or sewn in accentuated waist doesn’t mean you can’t throw on your best belt. Belts naturally elongate your legs and bring attention and the eye to your waist. If the plus-size top you’re wearing has a cross-seam, even better, belt that! Not only will this help you show off your curves, but it creates visual sectioning.

Say Goodbye to Baggy

While there is nothing wrong with being comfortable at home in your favorite too-big top, for the best silhouette when going out, ditch the baggy. Shapeless clothing simply isn’t flattering. Don’t be afraid to pull in your waist for a look that shows you off, proudly. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to creating a gorgeous look.

Be Bold, Be Adventurous

And the last, but best tip and trick to always looking like you just walked off the runway in your plus size tops? Be brave! Go ahead and try a style of plus size tops you’ve never thought of trying before. Break all the ‘rules’ and wear white after Labor Day.

Be willing to try new things fashion-wise because ultimately, what makes you feel good and confident will always make you look the most breath-taking. Plus size tops should be all about empowering how you feel while being comfortable at the same time. A woman empowered is a woman that is gorgeous no matter what she wears!

Expression of self through your clothing is important to you, and when you finally find that, that confidence radiates out into the world. We hope that this plus size tops styling tips and tricks guide will help make you feel bolder and more beautiful than ever.

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