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Dazzle her with a gift from 7 Charming Sisters

I am a huge jewelry fan and I love everything shiny, I even get distracted by it all the time. The good news for me is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must sparkle. My love of jewelry is why I am so excited to share with you all 7 Charming Sisters and the earrings I received to review!

7 Charming Sisters is a fashion jewelry brand created by a group of co-workers.  Each one of the 7 Charming Sisters has their own jewelry line, that is very unique to them. Because of this sure to find something that fits your taste or if giving as a gift, that of your loved ones.

Buy for a cause: Support People with disabilities.

What speaks to me the most with 7 charming sisters is that they give to a cause very close to my heart. They help people with disabilities find work. Each time you buy something from 7 charming sisters you help someone who needs help find work.

When I was twelve I met one of my very best friends. She has cerebral palsy and when I met her, she changed my life forever. Not only did she open my eyes to disabilities, but she amazes me every day with her strength. Because of her I have met others with disabilities and have just been blown away by their positivity and drive. All of them are advocates in one way or another for disabilities, though helping people find work or housing to writing about living with a disability to get awareness out there. They are all amazing women.  This is another reason I was so excited to do this review and promote this brand.

My Review of 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

They have such a great selection of jewelry and I really loved so much it was hard to decide what I wanted to review. Eventually, I picked out one that spoke to me to share with you all and I am happy to say I really love them!

Teach Us Your Way Earrings

The Teach Us Your Ways earrings are so cute and though they are a bit bigger than I normally wear, they are lightweight and very comfortable. When I first saw the size I thought they would make my ears hurt, but they don’t and even after wearing them all day there was no pain.

I make some jewelry also and these earrings are very well made and defiantly worth the price of $27.

While you’re checking out these great earrings, don’t forget to check out their holiday gift guide as well, there are some really great pieces in this guide and the prices are amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Dazzle her with a gift from 7 Charming Sisters

  1. I love these earrings, so pretty! I would definitely want them in green for me .

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