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Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Mattress Protector Review

It is July in Nashville, TN and that means the heat is here and my poor air conditioner is working really hard to keep my apartment cool. Even with the heat, I try to keep my air at 72 or more and find other ways to keep cool. A few months ago I reviewed the Elegear Cooling Blanket and I was really excited to have a chance to review the mattress protector.

Disclosure: I received this product for free to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you click on a product link in this post and make a purchase I receive a small payment that helps me in running this site.

About the Elegear Cooling Mattress Protector

  • It is made of Japanese arch-chill super cool technology fabric
  • Will absorb human body heat and reduce skin temperature by 2 to 5 degrees Celsus.
  • Has an Elastic stretch design
  • Is machine washable (must hang to dry)
  • It is waterproof
  • Hypo allergenic

What I love about the Elegear Cooling Mattress Protector

It has deep pockets

I have a 3″ mattress topper on my bed and I need a cover that will actually go over it and my mattress. This protector has more than enough room to go around both when I have my adjustable bed flat.

The only issue I have, and it’s something that I have with every sheet I try, is when I use the bed to sit up. Then I sometimes have the issue of the protector coming off the top. My solution is to add straps to hold the topper on when I move the bed. This solution works well and I can add it to any sheet I use.

It holds up well to my cats

If you have pets you know you need something that will hold up to their crazy antics. This mattress protector does a great job. So far I have not had any issues with rips or holes from my cats. They are always on my bed chasing each other so rips have happened with other protectors.

It’s waterproof on top.

I love that this mattress protector has a waterproof barrier. It is only on the top and not the sides, but it does work really well. I spilled water on it the other night and it cleaned up quickly. It also did not go through to my memory foam mattress topper, a huge win since I have spilled on my bed before and had to replace the foam cover and that is not cheap.

Does it actually keep you cool?

In my experience, this mattress protector does keep you cooler than a regular mattress cover/protector.

Most people know that memory foam can be really hot and having a memory foam mattress or cover can keep you warmer at night. What I found is that this mattress protector helped to decrease the heat from my memory foam mattress and keep me cooler.

I do want to disclose that I have only used this mattress protector in air conditioning. I live with other people and can not just turn my air off whenever I want to enhance my review. When I am able to turn off the air I will try this out without air conditioning and see how it works.

Are there any problems with the mattress protector?

The only downside I have really found to this mattress protector and the other Elegear cooling products is that you can not put them in the dryer. However, I can see why, for this and the cooling blanket I own, I just hang them over my shower railing and put a fan in my bathroom. They are usually dry in a few hours and then I put them on my bed. It’s not a horrible downside and is workable.

Overall, I do recommend this product if you are not concerned about drying it. It works well and has helped to keep me cooler at night. It’s comfortable enough to use on its own and is made very well.

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