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Get Your Kitchen Spick And Span This Week

Now that the summer is looming and more light is in our homes, it is easier for us to spot those small cleaning mistakes and spots of dust that would be missed in the winter months. Spring and summer are the perfect times of year to carry out those annoying and difficult jobs in the kitchen, and today we are going to help you do them easily. 

Here are some of the best ways to get your kitchen spick and pan this week. 

Clean your glass oven door 

The glass door or window on your oven can become riddled with grease very quickly and it can feel impossible to clean off. However, if you use a scrunched up ball of tin foil as well as a product called Pink Stuff, the grease will come off easily and you’ll be left with a completely clean oven door in no time. 

Clean the windows 

It is so important to clean your windows throughout the year, and when the summer hits you will start to notice much more dirt and dust on your windows. You can employ expert window cleaners for more difficult jobs and then use a window cleaner or vinegar for a streak free finish on the inside of your kitchen. 

Rid grease from pans

When you have cooked a steak or chicken on a pan, it can be very hard t get rid of any burnt on fat and grease and you might consider even giving up altogether and getting rid of the pan. But before you fork out on expensive cleaning solutions or new cookware, grab yourself some baking powder and vinegar. Sprinkle baking powder over the surface of the pan and then pour vinegar on top. Leave this for an hour and then rinse under a tap and you should be able to wipe away the grease easily. 

Tidy the fridge 

One of the main jobs we forget to do in the kitchen throughout the year is tidying the fridge and getting rid of any stray jars of olives or mayonnaise that have passed their best. Clean out your fridge this week and you’ll very quickly feel like you have extra space in your home. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget about things when they are in the fridge, and once you have cleared everything out as well as cleaned it you will have space for much more food! 

Declutter countertops 

It is all too easy over the years to collect random utensils, small appliances, and jars on your countertops that take up a lot of space and hinder your cooking ability. Today is the time to take action and get rid of all the clutter for good. Not only will your kitchen feel bigger and brighter, but you will also have much more room to prepare meals and play around with ingredients such as bread or pasta on your worksurfaces. 

Use these ideas this week to make your kitchen clean and tidy for the summer.

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