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MitoQ Facial Lotion Review

Recently I was asked to review a sample of MitoQ facial lotion. I was excited to try it out as I have slowly started to notice some fine lines appearing on my face. I’m lucky and do look young for my age, but combating these signs early should help keep them at bay longer right?

What I love about this facial skincare product is that a little bit goes along way!  Really one small pump was more then enough for my face and it didn’t feel oily or greasy. It made my skin feel softer and I did notice a slight reduction in my fine lines and a brighter look to my skin over all. I have only been using this for about 3 weeks though, so I’m still checking it out, but so far I am very happy with this.

There is only one downside to this lotion, the bottle. It looks really cool, but you have no idea when your going to run out. I would love to see something so you have an idea as to when to order more. Other then that I am really very happy with my results on this product.

Have you tried MitoQ facial lotion? What are your thoughts?

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