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Top 10 Post of 2017 Hollybee Tells

2017 was a year that was filled with change for me. I quit a job, lost a job moved into a new place and left a couple people behind. When it came to blogging I lost my way, but 2018 will have me finding it again and getting back to what I love about having a personal lifestyle blog. I can be me, and share with you my probably not so interesting life, but really we have tv for crazy stuff right?

As I looked over my blog this year I did find a few post that spoke to me, though I have felt I lost my voice this year, I still see hope that it’s still there and these are the post I want to share my top post with you. Some are just my thoughts others show my life over the last year and things that have effected me.

Top post of 2017

1. Life, Love and Wigs: A Struggle with Hair Loss

2. #BeMyself, My best Self Always

3. 100 Years, Then and Now

4. My Two New Kittens

5. Top 5 Travel Bucket List

6. What to do When Your Cat Dies

7. 5 Easy Ways to Help Your Sunburn

8. FotoJet Designer Review (this has really transformed how I use images on my blog)

9. We will always remember 9-11

10. Starting Another Weigh Loss Journey

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