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The Only Guide To Buying and Styling Jewelry You’re Ever Going To Need

Buying and styling jewelry well is one of the best things you can teach yourself to do if you’re going to make sure each and every one of your outfits looks ‘complete’. Without jewelry, your outfit can look texture less and boring. Your jewelry can say about you, so take this opportunity to use it as a way to express yourself and have fun.

Below, we have some more advice that will allow you to style your jewelry in different ways and try new things. Read on for more…

1. Slowly Build Up Your Jewelry Collection

Take your time to build up a jewelry collection that ticks all the boxes. If you rush it, you might end up with too many pieces that fit in with current trends, only to go out of style again in a few weeks or months. Take your time to ensure you’re only buying pieces you truly love, that really fit in with your style. You’ll be far happier with your collection if you do this, plus, you’ll be able to invest in pieces more, rather than buy lots of cheaper pieces at once! Perhaps you could buy yourself one new piece every few weeks, every month, or even every few months. Remember, a great piece of jewelry will last forever!

2. Know Your Style Before You Buy

Before you go out buying jewelry, make sure you’ve defined your style. You should have a mixture of minimal and statement pieces of course, so that isn’t the issue here. However, you should know what sort of jewelry style goes best with the way you like to dress and present yourself to the world. You should also be hyper aware of whether you’re likely to wear pieces that are a little uncomfortable, or likely to catch on your clothes. All of these things are so important to think about before you go spending your hard earned cash on jewelry! This even goes for your engagement/wedding – why would you choose a flashy diamond if you don’t usually wear flashy? It’s tradition to wear those rings every day, so they should be rings you actually want to wear every day. You can read more here to find out more about engagement/wedding jewelry so you have that covered – if you haven’t already, of course!

3. Statement Earrings Make Any Outfit Look More Interesting

Having a couple of pairs of statement earrings on hand can help you to make any outfit look more interesting. Whether you want to wear tassels in your ears or a huge pair of hoops, you’ll find that they can make a dramatic difference to your look.

4. Stacking Rings Will Bring An Edge To Your Outfit

If it’s edge that you want to bring to your outfit, this is something you should try; stacking rings. Stacking rings can be a lot of fun, and it always looks a little edgy and cool. Experiment with statement rings, minimal rings, and even midi rings to give the look a little more interest.

5. Look At Your Neckline Before Choosing A Necklace

Before setting your heart on a necklace, take your time to look at your neckline. If it’s a high neckline, you probably should avoid wearing a necklace.

6. Pick A Few People To Inspire Your Jewelry Choices

When you’re just getting used to adding jewelry to your outfits, it can be tough to know what to mix and how to wear what. There are no rules, but you can definitely teach yourself what works best and feels most comfortable for you. Pick a few people to inspire your jewelry choices and keep an eye on them. Use them as a starting point. They don’t have to be celebrities, either; there are so many people on Instagram who have great style and can help you to hone your own. Just don’t try to be a carbon copy of somebody else – always try to come up with your own ideas and cultivate your very own style.

7. Don’t Be Scared To Mix Metals

When buying and styling jewelry, mixing metals is totally allowed, if you want to. Some people act like it’s some sort of sin, but mixing metals can look great. Mixing two usually looks best than mixing three, and you should probably use them in varying amounts so that it isn’t 50/50 – as this might look a bit strange. For example, you could mix rose gold and silver, yellow gold and rose gold, even copper and silver – whatever you like.

8. Decide On The Metal That Suits You Most

Before you go out and start buying your pieces, you should probably decide which metal suits your most, if you don’t know already. This is usually down to your skin tone, your eye color, and sometimes your hair color. The clothes you like to wear can also have an impact. Then, your goal should be to make it your accent color, with other metals making an appearance here and there if you like.

For those with a warm pink undertone, silver often looks better as it cools it down. For those with warm skin tones, gold can complement perfectly, However, some people are neutral, in which case, you can get away with pretty much everything.


9. Don’t Neglect To Mix Up Your Textures

Mixing up texture when it comes to your jewelry, and outfits, for that matter, is essential. A lack of texture can mean your outfit just isn’t making an impact. Make an effort to use different shapes and textures to keep things as interesting as you can.

10. Invest In Costume Jewelry Too

Buying and styling jewelry doesn’t have to be all about the expensive investment pieces – costume jewelry works just fine too. However, it’s best if you consider how well made a piece is and whether the metal will discolor before you buy.

Hopefully, you’ve found some great tips and ideas you can use here to improve your jewelry buying and styling. Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!

Comment: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? What is is and how often do you wear it?

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